Last year was simply magical!!!

In 2020, we photographed the essence of loads of amazing individuals, families and friends in #AGiftForYou.

Our Annual Mini Sessions are a FAV because they are SWIFT, FUN and MEMORABLE, they also serve as great gift for loved ones, parents, Friends, grandparents! 

These sessions have become an annual tradition for many of our Lovelies #PoshclickFamilies.


Since you stopped by, it shows you're interested in our Holiday Mini Sessions and we will be more than delighted to have you join our tribe.

To book a session, scroll down to click on the arrow .

P.S : Quite a number of people reached put last minute last year and sadly we weren't able to take them on. Its advisable you book a slot right now and secure your slot.

See ya!!!




“Easily the best experience with a photographer to date! Joko is super personable and very talented at her craft. She was instantly able to put my family at ease, and captured some captivating photographs in 20 MINS.

I simply cannot recommend Poshclick enough...”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Dates are available?


17th, 18th and 19th of December, 2021 are the only dates available.

After the 19th till next year #smile

Can I get prepared in the studio e.g Make up, hair styling, change of clothes?

Preferably not.
Time consuming activities are not allowed as it will eat into another client's time slot.

Who is this for?

Literally Everyone

Kids, Parents, Cousins, New Families, Growing Families, BFFs, Group of friends, Couple etc.

You are all welcome

When should I arrive ?

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your time slot.

Can I come with my extended family?

Yes please, the number of individuals should be limited to 7.

The MORE THE MERRIER but the time doesn't doesn't change.
If its a large number, you might need to book an extra slot.

Can I request a custom set?

Please book a Full Portrait Session for your customised needs.

Would 20 minutes suffice?

That's the Poshclick magic, come and EXPERIENCE IT!!!
We did it last year and we are about to blow your mind this year.

What's the dress code?



Smart Casual


Anything you feel comfortable in.

Can you choose a custom set ?

A fun and contemporary custom set has been pre-designed.

you cannot choose your set but you can bring an item that is dear and YOU-nique to you that you would love to incorporate e.g plush toys or fav toys portable sized for the kids, family heirloom(e.g lockets, accessories to incorporate a loved one)or fun things that defines your family.

What guarantees a slot?

PAYMENT ONLY guarantees a slot.

A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt .

Can I get a refund?

It's very important that you are sure that you will be present for the photoshoot.

Refund wouldn't be done, you would have taken up a slot that someone else could have taken.


The fastest way to the heart is through the belly.😂😂😂

NO worries, there'll be LIGHT refreshment.

When will my images be ready?

4- 5 Working Days.

Will you adhere to the STANDARD COVID-19 Guidelines?

Sure, your safety is our priority.

All hands are on deck and fully masked up, ready to wipe after and before you come into the space.

Temperature checks will be done before entry into the studio.

What do I need to come with ?

High Spirits
Great sense of style
Even if you're gloomy, the ambience will set the tone for you.

What if I run late?

Orderliness is key and we are sticking to booking time.

We will kindly request you leave home early and arrive prepared for your shoot.

If you happen to miss your slot and arrive during someone else's slot. Patience will be required till there's an open slot.
(P.S: slots get taken up fast)

Guideline for Families with babies.

We understand that mishaps happen but we will like to suggest to:

Wear a bib to prevent spit up on the outfit.
Cover outfits with a flannel to prevent soiling/spill.
Mums know the kids routine and we'll suggest you book a slot when our bambino is at their optimum energy.
We kindly request that our little munchkins should be fed at least 30 minutes before your time slot to ensure co-operation and a vibrant burst of energy.

Can I order additional products not included in the Mini Session?

Yes, you can.

Send an email /communicate your request at the shoot.